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About Us

Provecta Consulting Group

Partnering with our Nationwide network of Brokers, Recruiting Firms, and Technology Partners ensures companies will receive the most advanced solution available at the greatest value.  

Provecta Consulting's network of partners advises companies with their most valuable assets, their employees. From recruiting and identifying which candidates will be the greatest new addition to the team or assisting with which employee benefits will provide a cost efficient solution to make each an every employee feel like family.  

Employees want to be paired with a company that will provide them the greatest ability to make an impact and be challenged.  Employers are looking for employees that will help them innovate and take their organization to the next level.  Here at Provecta Consulting we evaluate your current offerings and educate where improvements can be made to attract and retain top talent for your business.  We then find the right providers and brokers for you to work with so you can streamline the process when your team is ready to grow.


Our mission begins with pairing the right people and employee offerings so that everyone can thrive together.

We take the time to understand what makes each of our clients unique and identify which people and solutions will get them closer to their goals.

As a General Agent our network of experts offer you guidance with employee benefit offerings allowing you to offer quality benefits while having a consistent and predictable cost model year over year

With clients and partners nationwide, our team is in position to deliver optimum results and increase your bottom line.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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